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Long before beauty products were such a trend, Malibu C founders Tom and Deb Porter, were making waves to becoming leaders in natural wellness treatments in Malibu – where glowing skin and shiny hair are as common as sunshine and beach days. Their commitment to beauty and wellness reach far beyond company philosophy – it is a way of life.

With a heavy plant focus, Malibu C’s commitment to the planet was imperative. The less water, energy, and other natural resources we use, the better. In the fight to reduce environmental impact, the mission is clear. Malibu C are committed to researching, developing and manufacturing wellness products that are earth friendly.

The PET bottles are totally recyclable, and our wellness remedies are eco-chic as they require minimal space in community landfills.

They remain conscious of the importance of maintaining harmony with our universe.

As pioneers of wellness solutions in the beauty industry, since 1985, the mission statement of Malibu C is tried and true: “to solves problems for every human being using nature inspired, patented technologies”.

Malibu C is a professional hair care brand based in science, not marketing hype.

Ascorbic Acid

The purest form of vitamin C. It is crystallised to preserve the effectiveness and potency – activated with tap water.

Zinc Gluconate

Zinc is a super nutrient. It has a long list of benefits that carry across different industries. For us, zinc was an important aspect of the Crystal Gel XL formula due to its conditioning properties.


Added bentonite to formulas such as Crystal Gel is there to assist in drawing out impurities. It also enhances the texture of the product, making it an excellent component for scalp massage due to it’s thicker consistency.