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Image International’s fabulous looks were featured in this month’s Creative Head magazine. The leading UK hair industry trade publication showcased the salon’s new gents’ grooming area in an eye-catching double-spread, and were clearly impressed.

Owner, and globe-trotting hairdresser, Pep Pasqualino told Creative Head that he had wanted to create a more masculine environment in an area of his unisex salon for some time.

“The recent refurbishment of the salon allowed me to fulfil my dreams. Our stylish male grooming section sports a retro barber’s pole, a basin so we can offer cut-throat shaves and even bar optics.

“Our male clients tell us how much they like and appreciate the masculine atmosphere. Creating a ‘man space’ where guys men don’t find themselves next to a woman with a head of foils means they can relax with a beer, while our women clients now have their own space and enjoy the greater privacy too.”

Why not check out our ‘man-u’ of gents grooming services including wet shaves and hair colouring. Call 01775 766722 or book online here.

Gents Designer Cut & Style (60 minutes) From £31
A Wash House experience followed by a designer haircut and style with knowledge. Including a Shiatsu head massage, eyebrow threading, ear hair depilation, face massage, hot & cold face towel and hair rinse.