Gents Hair Design

Designer Cut & Style (60 minutes)

A Wash House experience followed by a designer haircut and style with knowledge. Including a Shiatsu head massage,
eyebrow threading, ear hair depilation, face massage, hot & cold face towel and hair rinse.

Stylist (-) £32
Senior Stylist(Keagan) £34
Hair Designer (Jenna,Billy) £37
Senior Hair Designer (Danielle, Rob) £40
Salon Director (Andy, Natalie) £44
Salon Owner (Pep) £48

Male Grooming

Royal Shaving Experience

To include ear hair removal, threading and hot & cold towels.


Express Shave

A clean traditional razor shave.


10 Minute Tune Up

Sharpen up those edges for the weekend.


Gents Hair Colour


Get a sun kissed look without a holiday.


Guest notice

Some of our colour systems have been reformulated to enhance end result, condition & shine. We recommend you have a preliminary allergy alert test 48 hours before your service. If you’re booking online please call 01775 766722 to arrange this before your appointment. Thank you.